13 Best Cash Back Apps like Fetch Rewards in 2024

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Buying groceries and other items is a part of daily living. Since you are going to make these purchases anyway, it makes sense to use a top cashback app like Fetch Rewards to save money when shopping.

While these apps may function differently, they usually involve shopping for different things, uploading your receipt as proof, collecting points, and exchanging them for cash, gift cards, coupons, etc.

If you’re trying to expand the number of cash back apps you use or are interested in Fetch Rewards alternatives, we’ve compiled the top 13 choices for you.

Top Fetch Rewards Alternatives

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is another reliable and secure Fetch Rewards alternative available on all mobile devices and over 10 million members.

You can get started by adding the browser extension, opening the website, or downloading the app, shop as usual, and the cashback is sent directly to your account.

If you’re visiting the store in person, connect your debit card to Rakuten, and the cashback will be applied whenever you make a purchase.

When you first create an account, you get a bonus offer of $30 cash after making a purchase of $30 or more. There are different popular stores and cashback offers you can get every day.

2. Swagbucks

Most people interested in survey and cashback apps know of Swagbucks ($5 bonus), which rewards its members for completing tasks online.

As one of the best cashback apps on our list, it supports offers payments in cash or gift cards from over 1,500 retailers. Since there are many activities to do on Swagbucks, you can accumulate points quickly.

One of the top tasks is shopping online from ASOS, Adidas, and eBay and receiving cashback on your purchases. They also provide cash back for those traveling with companies like Expedia.

Swagbucks also has a referral program that gives you 300 points when friends sign up and 10% of their earnings. Learn more in our detailed review.

3. ReceiptHog  

One of the top cashback apps is Receipt Hog (includes sign-up bonus), which encourages its members to shop at partner retailers by giving them cashback.

You can connect the app to your store loyalty account and earn rewards whenever you purchase or upload pictures of receipts not more than two weeks old.

Luckily, the platform does not require you to claim offers or go to specific stores. You need to send the receipt, and you earn coins.

Once you’ve made 1,000 coins, you can withdraw through PayPal cash or gift cards. It also offers sweepstake entries and in-app bonuses.

4. Ibotta

Ibotta is a top receipt app that gives you cash back whenever you shop online at the app, upload your receipt, or connect your loyalty account.

Just like Fetch Rewards, it gives you your earnings in the form of gift cards or PayPal cash. You can also use Venmo to collect payments.

Anyone can use Ibotta as long as they’re over 18, and you can withdraw a minimum of $20 at a time. There are other bonuses on the site aside from the cash backs, and you can find them on the Earn More tab.

You can also earn $30 if you invite new friends and complete the participating offers.

Best Cash Back Apps like Fetch Rewards

5. Checkout 51

One impressive app like Fetch Rewards is Checkout51, which allows you to save money on groceries and gas.

The app announces its offers on Thursdays, and they expire at midnight on Wednesdays. It works by adding the orders to your shopping list, checking them off when you purchase, and uploading the receipts.

Although the process is a bit longer than Fetch Rewards, the cash back is usually more than 30%. They also work with specific offers, but Fetch Rewards accepts all receipts.

The minimum withdrawal is $20, and they also accept online stores.

6. Shopkick

We also recommend Shopkick if you’re looking for an app like Fetch Rewards. The app allows you to save points, called kicks, and convert them to electronic gift cards.

You can use the app on your iPhone or Android, sign up, and start shopping.

It rewards you with kicks whenever you do the following: enter their selected stores, scan barcodes of particular products while still in the store, scan receipts after purchasing, purchase at online partner stores, watch videos, refer friends and link your debit or credit card.

With every 500 kicks you earn, you get $2.

7. Caddle

Caddle is a Canada-based alternative to Fetch Rewards, which rewards making purchases, writing reviews, watching ads, taking surveys, and other online tasks.

Although it’s only available in Canada, it displays products, and you can make purchases on the app. If there’s cashback connected to the product, you get a reward.

You can also scan receipts at stores in Canada, upload them, and redeem offers once approved.

When you sign up, you get a $1 bonus. Then, you get paid when you have $20 or more in the account. And there is also a well-paying referral program.

8. GetUpside

GetUpside [ iOS and Android ] is another alternative to Fetch Rewards, which requires your receipt before receiving cashback.

But, it offers rewards when you buy gas or groceries or eat at restaurants. Then, you can pay with your credit or debit card and upload the receipt. While this is simple, you have to claim offers ahead of time.

The app pays in the form of PayPal cash or gift cards, and you can expect to earn about $10 or more if you shop regularly.

There is also a welcome offer that gives you extra money for your first fill-up at a gas station.

9. Amazon Panel

If you shop on Amazon regularly, you can earn a lot from the Amazon Shopper Panel [ iOS and Android ]. Although it’s a bit different from Fetch Rewards as it is an invite-only program, it allows you to make $10 per month when you upload receipts.

You need to upload at least ten receipts per month outside of Amazon to earn monthly. Then, if you complete surveys, you can make extra cash.

To get a chance to join the Amazon Panel, you can download the app and join the waitlist.

10. Receipt Pal

This app allows you to exchange your receipts for cash. All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt and upload it, and you get 25 points.

Receipt Pal [ iOS and Android ] organizes point cards that consist of 100 points, so you need four receipts.

Aside from uploading receipts, you can connect your email address and Amazon account and receive 650 and 300 points, respectively.

It also validates purchases automatically this way, so you don’t need to upload receipts. Also, when you refer a friend, you get 250 points when they sign up and connect their email.

Plus, whenever you upload receipts, you’re entered into weekly sweepstakes with the chance to win a $250 gift card.

11. Drop

You can be one of the three million people earning money on the side with Drop. The Fetch Rewards alternative requires you to connect your debit or credit card and pay cash back whenever you shop from their partner brands.

The app is downloadable on Android and iOS devices.

Check the Today’s Deal tab and choose the offers you want. The app will indicate how many points you earn per offer, and you can start shopping after you activate the offer.

The offers come from Nike, DoorDash, Target, Starbucks, Disney+, Adidas, Walmart, Postmates, and more. There is also a referral program that gives you $5 whenever you refer others.

12. SavingStar

If you spend a lot of money on groceries, SavingStar is a good Fetch Rewards alternative.

The process is pretty much the same as other popular cash-back apps. You open stores, select offers, redeem them then get the cashback.

The minimum withdrawal is $5, which you can get through e-cards, PayPal, or bank transfer, and it’s a bit easier to get to this amount.

You can search for stores in your area, like Walmart and Dollar General. Once you select the stores you usually shop at, you can start shopping and receiving rewards.

Also, some offers might not be valid where you live, so always check before accepting.

13. BeFrugal

Finally, on our list of the best cashback apps like Fetch Rewards, we have BeFrugal [ iOS and Android ], which supports over 5,000 stores!

The platform works by posting affiliate links on their website, and you can use them to shop at popular stores. BeFrugal receives a commission and pays it all into your account when you make a purchase.

Since it makes money through promotions and bonuses, it can give its members 100% of the commission.

You can start by signing up and searching for cash-back offers. There is also an extension you can add to your browser. Plus, the referral program offers $10 for each friend you bring.

You can withdraw through bank transfer, PayPal, eGift Cards, Venmo, Check, and Zelle.

Fetch Rewards Overview

Fetch Rewards is a well-known grocery award app that pays its users for buying brand-name items. You don’t have to activate specific offers, as they accept receipts from a wide range of mainstream brands.

With every 1000 points you make, you get $1. You can also redeem Visa gift cards, Amazon, Hulu, and more.

If you’re looking for reliable cashback apps, then Fetch Rewards is one of the best. But you can also use other top apps to save money on purchases.

To save you time, we have put together 13 cash back apps like Fetch Rewards.

How to Use a Cashback App

Although all cashback apps are different, they usually work the same way. You can follow the general process to use them.

  1. Visit the official website or download the app.
  2. Sign up and follow the prompting.
  3. Browse the platform to see offers and supported stores.
  4. Connect your debit/credit card, loyalty account, or download the extension, depending on the platform. Or upload your receipts.
  5. Collect points and withdraw once you reach the minimum amount.
  6. Complete other tasks like making referrals to receive payouts.

How Much Can I Make with Cashback Apps

Although you can’t make riches with cashback apps, it provides an excellent way to save money on your daily purchases. With some dedication, you can make an average of $20 per month on these apps or even more if you also make referrals, complete surveys, and do other tasks.

Why You Should Use Cashback Apps

Cashback apps provide an excellent way to save money on everyday purchases. Since it’s normal to buy groceries and other products at least once a week, buy gas, and even eat at restaurants, it gives you a chance to cut costs on all your purchases.

They also help keep your purchases organized and offer other bonuses aside from cash back.


If Fetch Rewards doesn’t work for you, there’s a whole world of dependable cash-back apps. Check out any of our thirteen top cashback apps like Fetch Rewards to start collecting your rewards.

With your phone, internet connection, and receipts, these reliable platforms would serve as a good source of passive income.

Apps Like Fetch Rewards FAQ

How do cashback apps like Fetch Rewards make money?

Whenever you purchase the apps, they receive a commission. Then, they give their members a cut from the commission and leave the rest. They also get paid for promotional ads.

Are cashback apps safe?

Yes, they are. Although you might be wary about uploading receipts or debit and credit card information, many of them are dependable. As long as you use the right cashback apps, your debit and credit information will remain safe.

Which is better: Fetch Rewards and Checkout51?

This depends on your needs. Although Fetch Rewards is easy and convenient to use, Checkout51 offers more opportunities to make money and have higher cashback. But with Checkout51, you need to use specific orders from selected stores, unlike Fetch Rewards, which accepts receipts from a wide range of stores.


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