The Best Personal Finance Apps of 2024

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The best personal finance apps of 2024 can help you take control of your money, keep tabs on your household spending, and increase your net worth.

Some of the things I looked out for when choosing the best personal finance apps for this list include:

  • Best budget apps
  • Best bill-tracking apps
  • Best money-saving apps
  • Best investment apps
  • Best money management apps

Read on to learn more!

Best Budgeting Apps & Personal Expense Tracking Apps

These apps will help you track your income, spending, and bills. Some even incorporate investments, loans, and other lines of credit as well.

Most are going to be multi-platform, utilizing not only app interfaces but often a web version as well.


You Need A Budget, or YNAB, is a multi-platform app built around four basic tenets geared to help you be more financially aware. Give every dollar a job, embrace your true expenses, age your money, and roll with the punches.

This app lets you import financial data from your checking account and build budget outlines from there. They boast an average savings of $600 in the first two months.

There is a 34-day free trial available, after which it is $11.99 a month or $84 per year.

2. Pocketsmith

Here’s another great multi-platform financial tracker. Not only does it track spending for budgetary concerns, but you can also create projections based on your budgets for up to 30 years.

It is a prime tool to help achieve early retirement or financial independence.

Pocketsmith will watch multiple accounts, help you manage multiple income streams, and even track expenses and earnings for running an Airbnb.

It has built-in functionality for saving for a home while paying off student loans. Even create “what-if” scenarios to help plan ahead.

A free version is available, as well as two levels of paid subscription.

3. Money Patrol

MoneyPatrol is an app available on Android and iOS that securely monitors accounts that you choose to add, and it will provide a detailed financial dashboard.

You can see all of your transactions in one place and receive insights into your spending patterns.

You can use the app to incorporate all of your accounts so you can monitor cash flow, bills, investments, credit liquidity, and more.

Also, you can see summaries for a chosen time period and spending by the merchant if needed.

4. Mint

This is one of the most well-known free apps for tracking personal finance. Link your cards and accounts, credit, debit, checking, savings, and mint does the hard part and categorizes and tracks all your spending data.

Mint also allows you to track bills, loans, investments, and even schedule bills for e-pay.

Unfortunately, this app is being shut down by Intuit and will be missed.

Best Bill Tracking Apps

While some financial apps support bill tracking, these apps specialize in it and offer additional functionality that you simply can’t get elsewhere.

5. Trim App

Trim is initially available as a 14-day free trial and offers an automated way for you to save or recoup money.

This service automatically negotiates for more optimal cable, internet, phone, and medical bills. It even finds old subscriptions and cancels them if you no longer use them.

The Trim Financial app can also find you better savings accounts with higher interest yields and can help lower bank fees and APRs on various lines of credit.

Users of the Trim app may be able to get a refund on some bank fees, such as NSF fees.

6. Billshark

This is an app and service that boasts a 90% success rate with savings and up to $9,500 in savings. They can negotiate lower bills in some cases, as well as find old or unused subscriptions that may be eligible to cancel.

Billshark works to lower your bills on many services, such as paid television, satellite radio, wireless service, as well as your internet.

All you need to do is upload your info and let the app do the rest.

7. Truebill

Truebill (now Rocket Money) is a multi-platform app that negotiates your bills, and all you have to do is plug in your info, and their team will negotiate on your behalf. Once you have your bills lowered, you can save more time and money in other places.

Use this service to cancel old or forgotten subscriptions that are still costing you money, and track your overall spending.

They also let you get a copy of your credit report so that you can work toward debt reduction.

Best Money Management Apps

Money management apps are a class of apps that offer wealth management, investing, or other savings and planning.

8. Acorns

Acorns started off as an automated savings app, helping users to save the change from rounded-up purchases to build savings, and has grown into a complete money management and investing platform.

Even though the full functionality now costs a small monthly subscription fee, it’s a relatively reasonable fee for fully automated investing and savings.

Sign up for Acorns to automate your investing.

9. SoFi

This is an app that has a lot of versatile features. It offers spending and saving accounts, as well as its own credit card designed to help you reduce debt, save, and even invest. They are relatively new, but in a short time, they have gained a loyal following.

SoFi has even begun to offer private student loans, student loan refinancing, personal loans, home loans, and even insurance products. If you qualify, they also offer small business loan financing.

10. Robinhood

Robinhood is a versatile money management app that offers commission-free trading.

In addition to allowing investing in stocks and ETFs, you can use it to buy and trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Robinhood offers a more versatile interface for those who want more options when placing orders. While many apps just perform market buys and sells, this one allows the placing of limit orders, stop-loss orders, and more.

11. Digit

Digit is an app created to help you reach your financial goals, whatever they may be. It’s free to use and nearly completely automatic.

Just sign up, put in your info, and the app will analyze your income and spending, helping you to budget effectively and make progress toward financial freedom.

You can create custom goals and budgets for anything you like. Plan for a vacation, pay off student loans, become debt-free, or make a large purchase like a car or a house.

12. Stash

Stash is another sleek and powerful investing and wealth management app that places a large emphasis on financial education and investing what you can afford.

It offers a range of risk profiles, as well as banking and a card that earns you stock during purchases. Y

Stash makes investing easy and largely automated, even letting you schedule stock purchases and investment deposits. Stocks in fractional amounts can be purchased, as well as EFTs.

It offers three different plans with varying features and benefits. Fees range from $1 to $9 per month, and each level has varying abilities and rates of return from using the card.

13. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a little different than your standard investment app. It offers an initial objective portfolio review by its own financial advisors. You can create custom budgets, plan long-term financial moves, and monitor the health of your investments and net worth.

While it offers a mobile app, you can access greatly expanded features and tools on the website.

Personal Capital has a fee analyzer, estate advising, and even college and family life planning. This is definitely an app for those who are planning for the future and need a little guidance or financial education.

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Best Personal Finance Software

These apps will help you monitor your credit and provide tools you can use to increase your creditworthiness and financial standing.

14. Credit Karma

Credit Karma is an app that lets you keep a live watch on your credit reports and the items and accounts involved.

Not only can you track the items on your credit report, but you can also review all the details of the item and dispute right from the app if needed.

You get a free weekly update of your credit score and continually updated credit report stats. Credit Karma now also offers a savings account.

For those who are trying to improve their credit, the app will comb through credit cards and determine which may have the greatest chances of approval so that you can begin to rebuild a healthy credit history.

Learn more in this Credit Karma review.

15. Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame offers personal credit management for everyone. You use it initially to access your personal credit report and begin the free credit monitoring service. It analyzes your report and helps you understand how it affects your overall credit.

One way this app differs from some others is that it helps you identify personalized products that you may be able to obtain based on your creditworthiness.

The credit monitoring feature helps keep your credit and identity safe by alerting you if it detects any new credit report inquiries or hard pulls.

16. Tally

Tally is an app focused on helping consumers pay down their debt faster, getting their time, money, and sometimes even their lives back on track.

They are a form of debt consolidation company, and to utilize their service, you will need a credit score of approximately 660.

Tally starts by giving you a credit line, provided you qualify, and then it uses that line of credit to pay down your other debt, saving you money on interest and late fees. You then pay Tally and let them manage your cards and debt.

While the app and service are free, you need to qualify for their line of credit.

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Best Money Savings Apps

This is a class of apps that can earn you money for products you already use from stores at which you already shop or earn points toward discounts or other rewards.

17. Kashkick

This app is a great way to earn extra money by doing various tasks. You can earn by doing anything from surveys to watching videos or even just surfing the web. And the best part is they don’t stop you from earning, do as many tasks as you’d like.

As you complete each mission, you will see your task earnings and payments in your account.

Their cash-out threshold is relatively low, so you can get paid early and often, with withdrawals starting at just $5.

Kashkick offers direct payment via a transfer from PayPal, and they never charge a fee. Learn more in this review.

18. RebatesMe

RebatesMe is a cash back app that operates in the U.S. and Canada.

Simply sign up, browse their offers, and earn cash back with every purchase. RebatesMe is completely free, and they even offer referral bonuses to those to convince friends to join the service.

You can cash out with a deposit directly to your bank account, a PayPal transfer, or even gift cards from Visa, Disney, Walmart, Amazon, and dozens of others.

When you open a new RebatesMe account here and earn up to $10 in cash back, you get a $30 bonus.

19. MyPoints

MyPoints is a service that helps its members save money by awarding them points for shopping at retailers that they frequent anyway. Everyday places like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and more. It works at all your favorite stores.

In addition to earning points for each dollar spend on the program, there is also the opportunity to earn extra points by taking surveys. This lets you share your opinions about products and services with the people who value them the most.

When a threshold of points is reached, you can cash them out in the form of gift cards or PayPal transfers. Gift cards can be obtained for eBay, Best Buy, Expedia, Burger King, Red Lobster, and many more.

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20. Ibotta

Ibotta is both an app and a browser extension that allows you to earn cash back on groceries and just about everything else. It is a relatively simple way to earn some quick cash back on purchases you’re already making.

They have offers from grocery stores, restaurants, pet stores, convenience stores, health and beauty, and so many more. You can even link loyalty cards.

Before you go shopping, simply add the offers from the app that coincides with your shopping list, do your shopping as you normally would, snap a picture of the receipt with the app, and wait for the cash!


Get a $10 sign-up bonus when you join MyPoints and get paid to shop, play games, and watch videos. (US/Can only).

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