The Best Survey Sites To Earn Free Gift Cards Fast in 2024

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In today’s world, there are many ways to earn online. One popular method is by taking online surveys for free gift cards. 

Numerous websites offer these incentives in exchange for your opinions. This method is a great way to earn extra cash or rewards, and you can do so from the comfort of your home. 

But what are the best websites to earn gift cards in 2024?

Best Survey Sites To Earn Gift Cards

You get many results when you search for “sites for free gift cards” on Google. That’s because surveys for gift cards are one of the quickest ways for companies and brands to get consumer feedback.

However, not all of them are created equal. Some websites may have a low number of surveys available, or the payout may not be as high as you’d like. Others offer free Walmart gift cards; some provide free Amazon gift cards, many boast free Walmart gift cards, and so on.

So, how do you know which websites are the best? Below is a compiled list of these platforms where you can complete surveys for gift cards or cash. We listed how each one works, how you can redeem your earnings, and what type of gift cards they offer.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that gives you points (called “SB”) for completing various tasks, including taking surveys. You can earn between 100 to 300 SB per survey, which is equivalent to $1 to $3. All you need is to qualify for surveys to be able to take them.

The platform has a mobile app that allows you to answer polls and questions about products and services on the go. Once you earn enough SB, you redeem your Swagbucks gift cards to your favourite stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and more. You can also cash out via Paypal.

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Source: Swagbucks

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular sites for free gift cards. On average, the platform gives you points worth $0.50 to $3 for every survey you complete. It takes 1,000 points to equal $10, so you can cash out your earnings relatively quickly.

You can redeem your Survey Junkie points for e-Gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Sephora, and more. You can also choose to receive your earnings through Paypal.

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Source: Survey Junkie

3. Branded Surveys

Formerly MintVine, Branded Surveys is dedicated to paid surveys only. You’ll get points for every completed survey, which takes around 10 to 20 minutes to finish. The number of points you can earn per survey depends on the length and complexity of the survey.

Branded Surveys pay $1 for every 1,000 points. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal or e-Gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, H&M, Nike, and more when you reach at least 500 points, and you can do so in either USD or GBP.

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Branded Surveys screenshot
Source: Branded Surveys

4. PrizeRebel

You can find some of the internet’s best surveys for gift cards on PrizeRebel. The platform has a wide selection of rewards, including e-Gift cards from eBay, Starbucks, and Target, game codes in League of Legends, gift codes for Playstation Network, and cash through PayPal.

PrizeRebel’s cashout threshold is only $5, and they always update their online surveys for gift cards to cater to different demographics. Most of their free gift cards are also free of inactivity fees or expiration dates.

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PrizeRebel screenshot
Source: PrizeRebel

5. MyPoints

MyPoints is a bit different from the other websites on this list. While you can still take surveys for gift cards, this platform also lets you earn points by watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and more.

You can then redeem your points for free Amazon gift cards, free Walmart gift cards, and other e-Gift cards.

You can also get a MyPoints Visa Prepaid Card with your points or choose to receive cash through PayPal. Plus, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus just for signing up.

Here are some other sites like MyPoints.

MyPoints screenshot
Source: MyPoints

6. LifePoints

LifePoints freely gives users points for completing online surveys. These surveys usually take 10 to 20 minutes, and you can get up to 500 points (or $5) per completed survey. You can also participate in product testing and watch videos to earn points.

The platform offers PayPal cashouts and free gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and more. You can also donate your points to charity if you want.

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Life Points screenshot
Source: LifePoints

7. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a great platform for free gift cards, especially if you’re looking for high-paying surveys. A survey pays $3, and you can easily make $9 an hour if you complete three surveys in an hour. Surveys are also short, taking only 15 minutes to finish.

Pinecone Research pays cash through PayPal, similar to other platforms in this list. You can also choose to receive free products instead of money, which is a great way to try out new products before they hit the market.

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Pinecone Research screenshot
Source: Pinecone Research

8. Tellwut

Tellwut is a New York-based platform that offers cash incentives and online surveys for gift cards. But unlike others on this list, Tellwut lets its users complete surveys for gift cards and cash as well as create surveys themselves.

For every survey you complete, you can exchange your points for free Amazon gift cards, free Walmart gift cards, and other e-Gift cards. But here’s the catch – you can’t cash out your earnings directly via Paypal. So if you’re looking for surveys that pay cash directly to your Paypal account, this might not be your platform.

Tellwut screenshot
Source: Tellwut

9. Ipsos iSay

Compared to the other platforms on this list, Ipsos iSay is a bit more limited in terms of the number of options for free gift cards. It’s also the same for the number of surveys you can take.

Rewards vary depending on your location, so you might be unable to find gift cards available in your country.

Ipsos iSay does have a wide selection of rewards, though, including free Amazon gift cards, free iTunes gift cards, and even free restaurant gift cards. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity.

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ipsos isay screenshot
Source: Ipsos iSay

10. InboxDollars

With over 20 years of experience, InboxDollars is one of the oldest websites to earn gift cards and cash. Surveys for gift cards are typically 3 to 25 minutes long, and you can receive between $0.50 to $20 per completed survey. 

InboxDollars also allows you to get free cash by downloading apps, playing games, and shopping online. You can redeem your InboxDollars earnings for gift cards from popular stores like Amazon and Walmart, or you can get cash through PayPal.

Inbox Dollars screenshot
Source: InboxDollars

11. Toluna

Toluna offers surveys for gift cards and cash that you can complete on your phone or computer. They are either profile surveys (surveys that you qualify for based on your profile information) or longer surveys (broad surveys that anyone from any demographic can take) that take 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Toluna also has a decent selection of gift cards, and you can cash out via Paypal anytime. However, its minimum cash out is 30,000 points ($1 is equal to 3,000 points), which is quite high compared to other platforms on this list.

This makes Toluna better suited for those who want to complete longer surveys and don’t mind waiting a while to cash out.

Toluna screenshot
Source: Toluna

12. YouGov

YouGov is among the best websites to earn in 2024. You can answer and complete surveys for gift cards and cash five to seven times a week, and you can potentially earn more from longer surveys that take 20 to 30 minutes. For reference, short surveys pay between 300-500 points.

YouGov pays its users through PayPal, so you can cash out anytime once you’ve reached the 35,000 points or $15 minimum.

The platform is also generous to new users, with the first survey worth 2,000 points (1,400 points is equivalent to $1).

YouGov screenshot
Source: YouGov

13. Univox Community

Unfortunately, Univox Community‘s ratings in Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and SurveyPolice are abysmal. Past users don’t see this platform with the best surveys for gift cards or cash to help them earn.

Univox Community has a 1-star rating on all three websites, with most users citing customer service and payment issues.

There have also been reports of Univox Community suspending users’ accounts for no reason. So if you’re looking for a platform to complete surveys for gift cards or money, you might want to skip this one.

Univox screenshot
Source: Univox

How Survey Sites Work

Most survey platforms work similarly. They collect data from companies and organizations that want to understand their consumers better. In exchange for taking the time to answer questions and provide feedback, these platforms offer free gift cards or cash as rewards.

Keep in mind that numerous platforms are scams. They might offer survey sites for free gift cards but never give you the rewards. They might also ask for your personal information, like your Social Security number or credit card number, which you should never give out.

To avoid getting scammed, only use platforms vetted by a trusted source, like SurveyPolice and TrustPilot. You can also read reviews of the platform before signing up. And, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Pros and Cons of Survey For Gift Cards

Here are a few things to remember before signing up for survey sites for free gift cards:


  • You can earn free gift cards or cash by simply providing your opinion
  • It’s a great way to earn rewards without having to spend any money
  • You can sign up for multiple platforms to make even more
  • Some platforms offer sign-up bonuses
  • Many platforms have low cash-out minimums
  • Most sites cashout via Paypal, so you can get your money quickly
  • You can complete surveys on your own time
  • Users from any country can usually sign up
  • Surveys are generally short, so they won’t take up too much of your time


  • You usually won’t earn very much money or rewards per survey
  • Rewards can take a while to accumulate
  • Some platforms have been known to be scams
  • You might not qualify for every survey
  • It can take time to reach the minimum cash out
  • Rewards vary and depend on the platform you’re using and where you’re from
  • Some platforms have a rigorous screening process
  • Not all platforms are reputable or offer legitimate rewards
  • You likely won’t get rich from taking surveys
  • Earning potential is limited

Of course, your earning potential will also depend on how much time you’re willing to spend taking surveys. The more time you’re ready to commit, the more money you can potentially earn.

Other Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

If online surveys for gift cards aren’t your cup of tea, you can do the following to earn free gift cards:

  • Sign up for a cash-back credit card
  • Watch videos
  • Play games online
  • Join a rewards program
  • Get a free trial of service and cancel before the trial ends
  • Find gift card deals and promotions


There are several ways to earn free gift cards, but taking online surveys is one of the easiest and most popular methods.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash or rewards, consider signing up for one of the platforms on our list. Just be cautious of scams and only use reputable platforms.


Can you really get free gift cards online? 

Yes, you can. While you might not get rich from taking surveys, it is possible to earn some extra cash or rewards by providing your opinion.

Are Amazon gift card surveys legit? 

Yes, Amazon gift cards are a legit reward you can earn from taking online surveys. However, not all platforms offering free gift card survey sites are legitimate. Be sure to do your research well.

Are free gift card generators legit?

No, free gift card generators are scams. They will likely ask for your personal information, like your credit card number, and you will never actually receive a free gift card. Beware of this type of scam.



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