Binance.US Referral Code 2024: Get Up To a $50 Sign-Up Bonus

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Binance.US is a top crypto exchange that allows Americans to buy, sell, and trade over 130 coins and tokens at low trading fees of 0.45% and below.

Binance.US promotions enable new and existing customers to earn a Binance referral commission.

If you sign up for Binance.US using our best Binance US referral code, verify your account, and complete tasks, you get up to a $50 welcome bonus.

Once you become a user, you can also take advantage of the Binance.US referral program to earn a $10 cash bonus by sharing your referral code for Binance.US with others.

In this post, I delve into Binance.US promotions to help you uncover the various ways you can earn a Binance referral commission using your Binance.US referral code.

Binance.US Promotions for 2024

Binance.US offers two types of promotions to enable users with a website or a social following to monetize their audience by inviting them to sign up and trade crypto on the platform.

The $50 $10 welcome offer is for new users who sign up for Binance.US using our Binance.US affiliate referral link and enter the code BINANCEUS, while the $10 offer enables you to earn a Binance referral commission by sharing your Binance.US referral code with your friends and family.

Below I discuss each promotion type and how it works.

Binance.US $10 Sign-up Bonus

The $10 Binance.US referral bonus is offered through the Binance referral program and is preserved for individuals who want to get paid to share their passion for crypto with friends and family.

To get started, sign up for a Binance.US account and visit the Referral Program homepage on the web or the Invite Friends link on the Binance.US app to retrieve your unique referral code, link, or QR code. Then share it with your friends and family inviting them to sign up for Binance.

For each of your invites who sign up via your referral code, complete KYC verification, and make crypto buys or trades of $100 or more within 30 days, you both get $10.

Binance.US $50 Referral Bonus

The $50 offer has expired. You can now earn a $10 bonus by trading at least $100 within 30 days. Open an account here and enter the promo code BINANCEUS (current offer).

*Expired* The $50 Binance.US referral bonus is offered through the Binance affiliate program and only applies when you sign up via a Binance Affiliate’s referral code or link.

To get a $50 bonus from Binance.US, follow these steps:

Create a new Binance.US account and enter the promo code BINANCEGIFT (code no longer valid).

After completing KYC verification, you’ll receive tasks in your Task Center, which you should complete within 7 days of registration to claim your rewards.

The current best offers are as follows:

  • Promo duration: December 1st, 2022 – January 6th, 2023
  • Rewards: Earn $25 when you trade $300 or more or $50 when you trade $500 or more
    • Trade $300 -> Reward $25
    • Trade $500 -> Reward $50

When the Binance US $50 offer is unavailable, you can take advantage of the standard offers:

  • $5 Spot Cashback Voucher if you deposit $100 or more within 5 days of registration
  • $20 Spot Cashback Voucher if you trade $1,000 or more within 7 days of registration
  • $25 Spot Cashback voucher if you trade $20,000 or more within 7 days of account opening.

How to Sign Up for Binance.US Using a Referral Code

Signing up for Binance.US using a referral code is pretty straightforward. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Visit Binance.US homepage: Click this Binance.US referral link.
  • Enter your details: Enter your email and password.
  • Enter the referral code: Copy and paste the referral code BINANCEGIFT into the field labeled Referral Code.
  • Agree to terms: Check the box to agree to Binance.US terms of use and policy.
  • Create your account: Click the Create Account button to complete the registration process and other requirements to set up your account.

Once your account is set up, deposit $100+, or complete the required tasks to claim your Binance.US referral bonus.

What is Binance.US?

Binance.US is a sister crypto company owned by the Binance exchange. Since the main Binance exchange is banned in the US on compliance grounds, Binance.US is tailor-made to allow US residents to trade and invest in crypto following the SEC requirements.

Binance.US top features include:

  • Supports 130 cryptocurrencies
  • Low trading fees of 0.45% and below
  • A simple, beginner-friendly interface to easily buy, sell and convert crypto
  • Advanced Trading interface with Tradingview charting tools for experienced traders
  • Recurring Buy orders to automate your crypto purchases with dollar-cost-averaging
  • Supports crypto staking, with rewards up to 13.5% APY
  • An OTC trading portal to quickly and easily fill large orders
  • Binance.US Institutional that offers crypto products and services to institutions

Binance.US Fees

Binance.US offers some of the lowest fees in the crypto space. Fees are tiered based on the crypto pairs you are trading and your 30-day trading volume.

Bitcoin trading pairs, classified as Tier 0 pairs, experience 0 fees.

Maker fees for Tier 1 trading pairs start at 0.075% and decrease to 0% as your trading volume increases from $10K to $100M+, while taker fees start at 0.15% and decrease to 0.0375% as your trading volume increases from $10K-$500M+.

Maker fees for Tier 2 pairs start at 0.3% and decrease to 0% as your trading volume increases from $10K-300M+, while taker fees start at 0.45% and decrease to 0.0375% as your trading volume increases from $10k-$500M+.

You get a 25% fee discount on both Tier 1 and Tier 2 pairs when you pay with the BNB coin.

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Binance.US vs Binance

Binance.US is the sister exchange that’s available to US residents only, while Binance is the global exchange that’s available worldwide in other countries.

While Binance.US offers 150+ cryptocurrencies, Binance offers 600+ coins. Other Binance features like P2P trading, margin trading, Binance Earn, Binance Finance, NFT, swap farming, derivatives, and others are also unavailable on Binance.US.

Binance also offers low trading fees of 0.1% and below compared to Binance.US Tier 2 fees that start as high as 0.45% and below.

Remember that the referral code BINANCEGIFT and the offers described above are for the Binance.US exchange and are valid for US residents.

Non-US residents should sign up for the main Binance exchange. Sign up via our Binance referral code N4ALPUC6 to enjoy a referral bonus of 20% lifetime fee discounts on trades.

Is Binance.US Safe and Legal in the US?

Yes, Binance.US is safe and legal in the US. Unlike Binance, its parent company, Binance.US, is tailor-made to comply with US regulations and hasn’t been involved in any regulatory controversy or major hacks.

Binance.US is also ranked as one of the most secure crypto exchanges by CER, a renowned crypto exchange security review site, ahead of Gemini and Coinbase.

That said, Binance.US is not legal in some US states, including New York, Vermont, Hawaii, and Texas.

Binance.US Review

Currently, Binance.US is ranked as the 11 largest crypto exchange on Coinmarketcap.

The platform allows US residents to trade a wide selection of 135+ cryptocurrencies, charges 0-to-low trading fees of 0.45% and below and supports crypto staking of about 19 coins.

The platform offers both simple and advanced trading interfaces and is great for newbies and experienced traders in the US.

Binance Alternatives


Crypto.com is a fierce Binance competitor. The crypto exchange allows you to trade 250+ cryptocurrencies at competitive fees of 0.075% and below.

The platform also has a generous referral program that enables you to earn 50% of your referrals’ trading fees and up to $2,000 in CRO, depending on your invite’s CRO stake.


Coinbase is the second-largest crypto exchange that offers a wide selection of 230+ cryptocurrencies. However, fees on the platform are quite high, starting at 0.6% for takers and 0.4% for makers.


How does a Binance.US referral code work?

The referral code for Binance.US enables you to earn sign-up rewards. When you sign up via someone’s Binance.US affiliate referral code and complete tasks, you earn up to a $50 welcome bonus. When someone else signs up via your referral code and trades $100 or more, you both get $10.

What is the best Binance.US referral code in 2024?

The best Binance.US referral code is BINANCEGIFT. You’ll earn up to a $50 welcome bonus if you sign up with this code, verify your account, and complete simple tasks.

Can I use Binance.us without my SSN?

No, you can’t use Binance.US without Social Security Number (SSN). That’s because an SSN or TIN is required to pass the KYC verification.

Is Binance.US only for US citizens?

Yes, Binance.US is only for US residents. Users from other countries should use the parent company, Binance, which is available globally.

What states have banned Binance.US?

Though Binance is tailor-made for US residents, it’s not available in all states. The exchange is banned in four states, including New York, Vermont, Hawaii, and Texas.

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