Cointiply Review 2024: Is This Free Bitcoin Site Worth Your Time?

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If you’re one of the people curious about Cointiply, you’re probably worried about whether it is legit or not.

This platform is a get-paid-to site, but unlike the others you might be used to, it rewards you in Bitcoin for every task you complete.

In this Cointiply review, we will cover what Cointiply is and if you can earn free Bitcoin with it or if it’s a waste of time.

Cointiply Overview

Cointiply is a get-paid-to platform and a Bitcoin faucet.

The cryptocurrency-only reward site gives away other coins, like Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin, asides from Bitcoin.

The company was founded in 2018 and is used by over 2.7 million people worldwide.

It has also paid out over $3,000,000 in cryptocurrency to its users.

Like every other get-paid-to website, Cointiply gives its users different tasks like watching videos and completing surveys and rewards them with coins.

You can then convert the coins into cryptocurrency. Let’s take a closer look at how to get started below.

How to Sign Up For Cointiply

To sign up on Cointiply, you must be 13 years old or older. The website is available worldwide and can operate with any web browser.

Cointiply also offers a mobile app for Android phones, but it does not work when you use a VPN to access the site.

With these in mind, you can follow the steps below to sign up for Cointiply.

  • First, visit the website or download the Cointiply app on Google Play.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Input your first name and email.
  • Choose a password and confirm it.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Select Sign Up Now, and your free account has been created.

The website also offers a bonus offer when you first sign up, although it changes from time to time.

Usually, they give away free coins, which you can convert to cryptocurrency.

How Cointiply Works

After signing up on Cointiply, you can earn money in different ways. These include completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, chatting, playing games, claiming daily offers, and even the referral program.

Once you meet the minimum threshold, you can withdraw your rewards in cryptocurrency form.

Here are the different ways to earn coins on Cointiply:

Claiming Offers

Cointiply is constantly providing offers to its members as opportunities to earn coins, and some of them pay even more than surveys.

You can be asked to sign up for a website or service, use a free trial of a service, download a mobile app and follow certain instructions, and more.

Completing Surveys

Surveys are one of the most popular and speedy ways to earn money on Cointiply.

You can always get access to available surveys on the navigation bar.

Top companies like YourSurveys, Yuno Surveys, Theorem Reach, Pollfish, and others provide the surveys.

Surveys can pay between $0.10 and $1.50 depending on the demographics and how long it is.

Here are some other survey sites to make money.

Roll the Faucet

Since Cointiply is also a bitcoin faucet, you can win coins by rolling a number.

You also get one free roll each hour, and you can get coins when you roll.

Rolling the faucet doesn’t offer a lot of earnings, but they can build up if you do it consistently. You can also land on a jackpot if you are lucky.

Chat On The Site

Chatting on Cointiply is another way you can earn coins on the website.

A Start Chatting button on the sidebar lets you chat with other users online.

Each time you chat, you and others in the chat room get a percentage of the total reward.

After a while, you need to go back and chat for the coins to keep coming.

Watch Videos

If you’re looking for an effortless way to earn coins on Cointiply, you should watch their paid videos.

You can earn between 200 and 500 coins for each video, and while this is small, it can also build up, and it doesn’t require any effort on your part.

Watch Ads

Although they don’t pay very much, there are also paid-to-click ads on Cointiply. You can click on the PTC option in the navigation menu and view the ads.

Then, click on the ads and watch them until the timer is complete. For each ad you watch, you can get up to 25 coins. The ads are also limited, so you have to stop after a while.

Cointiply Review

Play Games

Playing games on Cointiply is similar to watching videos, except you need to put more effort into this task.

There are different casual games on the website, which reward you when you fill your activity bar.

To fill your activity bar, you need to play games. But, it pays about 100 to 200 coins per hour, which isn’t more than 2 cents.

Gamble Your Coins

A risky way to earn money with Cointiply is through the multiplier.

First, you need to deposit some coins and guess which circles contain red or grey gems.

If you get the red gems, your coins are multiplied, but grey ends the game.

How Much You Can Make Using Cointiply

You can’t make a fortune with Cointiply, and it shouldn’t be used as a main source of income. On average, you can make about $5 monthly.

The website rewards in coins, but 100 coins are approximately 1 cent, meaning you earn less than one cent for activities like watching ads and playing games.

With more effort and attention on Cointiply, you can earn up to $10 monthly or even more.  

How Cointiply Payouts Work

Every 10,000 coins earned on Cointiply rewards you with $1, and you can only convert your coins to cryptocurrency when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

The Cointiply minimum withdrawal is 50,000 coins to convert to Bitcoin and 30,000 coins for other cryptocurrencies like Doge, Dashcoin, and Litecoin.

Cointiply does not collect any withdrawal fees, and they pay you 100% of your earnings when you request a payout.

After the request, you receive the payout within 72 hours.

Pros of Cointiply

  • It is available in countries worldwide.
  • There are multiple earning opportunities available.
  • There are no withdrawal fees.
  • It offers a transparent payment system.
  • Customer service is excellent and responsive.
  • It provides a generous referral program.
  • It is free to join.

Cons of Cointiply

  • There are only four cryptocurrencies available.
  • Some tasks provide meager rewards.
  • Cryptocurrency amounts can differ slightly because of the fluctuating market price.

Cointiply Promo Code and Referral Program

Cointiply offers a pretty generous referral program that allows you to earn rewards whenever someone registers with your link.

The reward is 25% of their faucet claims and 10% of their earnings on every offer for life.

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer, and it’s a great means of passive income.

Cointiply also allows you to get coins when entering promo codes after signing up.

Whenever you see a code, you should redeem it immediately, so you don’t miss out.

You can use our Cointiply promo code: QAn0d to earn coins today.

Is Cointiply Legit?

After all of this, you’re probably wondering if Cointiply is legit. The website is certainly legit and has many positive reviews online.

It has a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot with 3,448 reviews and ranked Excellent.

The Cointiply mobile app is only available for Android and has over 500,000 downloads.

It has a 4.5 rating and 22,000 reviews. All of these point towards Cointiply being a legitimate website.

Is Cointiply Worth It?

Like other faucet websites, it takes a lot of time and effort before you can earn a sensible amount of money on Cointiply.

If you don’t mind earning a small amount of money while surfing the internet in your free time, then you will find the platform worth your time.

Although there are different opportunities to earn money with Cointiply, it is not a platform for earning a fortune, and it cannot be a main source of income.

Simply find what works for you instead of mindlessly using the internet, and earn money while having fun.

Other Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are other ways you can earn free Bitcoin from signing up on Cointiply.

Here are some of the top ways:

Get Signup Bonuses

You can join websites like Binance and Coinbase and receive their welcome bonuses.

These websites provide information about cryptocurrency in real-time and have wallets to store coins.

Hold On To Your Crypto

If you have Bitcoin, holding on to it can help you earn more. As the value of Bitcoin increases, you can always sell whenever it reaches a particular level and gain free coins.

Play Mobile Games for Bitcoin Rewards

Different mobile games online provide Bitcoin rewards asides from those on Cointiply. But be wary of scams before playing.

Mine Crypto

Mining cryptocurrency requires a lot of effort, training, and equipment. If you can figure out how to mine crypto, you can get free Bitcoin all the time.

Stake Crypto

Different online gaming platforms allow you to stake Bitcoin on games. They can also offer bonuses that leave you with free Bitcoin.

Other Ways To Make Money Online

Alternative Survey Sites


Survey Junkie










Final Verdict

Although Cointiply has mixed reviews, this is expected to see on any GPT site.

Overall, the feedback on this site is good, and it has a transparent operation that customers can trust.

If you’re looking for a good way to earn a little cash in your free time, you can get started with Cointiply.



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