Honeygain Review 2024: Is it Legit and Safe?

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There are different ways to earn money online, whether a full-time job or playing games and completing surveys.

One new way to make money is by renting your unused internet through Honeygain.

If you go to work every day, you’re leaving your internet connection idle most of the time while still paying for it.

Even if you’re working from home, you probably have unused internet bandwidth.

You can share this internet connection with Honeygain and earn money while doing so. We will explore how to do so in this Honeygain review.

Honeygain Overview

Honeygain is a passive earning platform that pays users who contribute their unused internet.

The app needs your internet connection to meet the needs of its clients, collect information and carry out market research.

Once you download the app, its partners use your internet for data collection.

As per Honeygain, it does not spy on its users by checking your browsing activity and other habits.

Instead, your internet connection is used to conduct web searches for their clients, and these clients are companies that need SEO research for different services and content.

Let’s further explain how the app works below.

Honeygain Review

How Honeygain Works

One benefit of using Honeygain is how transparent they are about how they work and what they are using your internet to do.

Your idle internet connection is rented out to their clients, who use this data for search engine optimization research and strategies, crowdsourcing data, and putting brand campaigns together.

So these companies get their research done, and you get paid for the internet you don’t use, making this a win-win situation.

And, Honeygain is the middleman between its users and the companies, and they collect a commission for themselves.

With this app, you don’t have to do anything but download it on your phone.

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How To Make Money Using Honeygain

If you understand how Honeygain works and are ready to start, you can follow the steps in this section of the Honeygain app review.

Download the App

Start by downloading the Honeygain app on your iOS and Android device. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac if you prefer a laptop or computer.

The platform allows you to download on up to six devices to earn more than usual.

Once you install the app, you’re given a sign-up bonus worth $5. It is paid directly and immediately into your account.

You will have to enter your email, PayPal account or other payment methods, and device information so they can use the internet.

But you don’t have to submit anything sensitive like credit card information or home addresses.

Referral Program

Once you download the Honeygain app, you’re already earning passive income. Honeygain uses 10% of your data plan and works in the background, so you won’t need to do anything else.

But, you can earn money another way, and that is by referring friends and family.

You will be given an invite link to share with others on social media platforms or email, and whenever someone downloads using your link, you get a reward.

The commission is 10% of their daily earnings, and while it isn’t a lot of money initially, it can build up to be something substantial.

It also helps you reach the minimum withdrawal amount more quicker.

Coupon Codes

You can also earn money by getting referred to the Honeygain app.

If you have any friends using the platform, you can sign up with the coupon code and get $5 immediately.

But you can only get coupons from friends and family, and once you join, you can share this with others around you.

How Much Money You Can Earn with Honeygain

If you’re wondering if the Honeygain app pays, the answer is yes.

The platform pays you for unused internet, and the more the app runs, especially on multiple devices, the more you earn.

They calculate your earnings based on every KB of data, how many devices you registered, and how long you let the app run.

They use an online calculator to determine how much you earn. With 720 hours of data monthly, you can get an average of $50.

When you add referral bonuses and your first-time sign-up bonus, especially on different devices, you can earn up to $100 in your first month.

To get the best of it, download it on all your devices and just let the app run. Honeygain offers payments through PayPal and Bitcoin, which is convenient for most people.

For every 10GB of data you share, you get $1. And the minimum withdrawal amount is $20, so you can only withdraw after sharing 200GB with Honeygain.

The rewards are not a lot, especially if you don’t have enough internet bandwidth to share. But you get extra cash for doing nothing every month.

Is Honeygain Safe and Legit?

Sharing the internet seems shady to many people who ask if Honeygain is legit. The company is not a scam but a legitimate way to earn money.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal, you can get your $20 without hassles.

It’s also great that it offers timely payouts, doesn’t ask for sensitive information, and provides entirely passive income.

Honeygain also promises that they don’t monitor users or share your personal information with anyone, so there is no risk of sharing your internet with them.

They only save your email address, IP address, and the generated traffic for the month.

Although, it also has access to all network connections, so if you don’t like that, you shouldn’t download it. Asides from this, it appears legit and safe.

Pros of Honeygain

Honeygain comes with its pros and cons, and you can put them against each other when deciding to sign up or not.

Here are the upsides of using this money-making platform:

Easy to Install

The Honeygain app is widely compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices and features an effortless installation process. It even offers a reward for doing so.

Dependable Customer Service

Honeygain users have praised the platform for its reliable customer service, so if you have any trouble, requests, or queries, you can expect decent support.

Easy to Navigate and Set-Up

Whether you’ve been using money-making apps for a long time or this is your first time, Honeygain is very easy to use and set up. It also requires nothing else from you but installation and signing up.

You don’t have to worry about invasion of privacy or other safety issues when using Honeygain to earn money. The platform is safe and transparent.

Cons of Honeygain

Despite its pros, you should keep a few downsides in mind.

Not Ideal for All Data Plans

Although Honeygain takes only 10% of your data, this will be incompatible if you use a limited data plan.

It can reduce your data to nothing before you know it. It is only suitable for those using unlimited plans.

High Minimum Withdrawal Limit

You’ll have to wait until you’ve shared 200GB with Honeygain before you get paid. It requires a lot of patience to get Honeygain payouts.

Reduces Battery

Since it works in the background, the app can reduce your battery life more than usual.


How does Honeygain make money?

When Honeygain takes your internet data, it shares it with its clients, who, in turn, pay Honeygain. Honeygain pays its users from these commissions.

How much can you make with Honeygain?

You can earn between $1 and $2 every day with Honeygain. The best way to increase your earnings is by using multiple devices and leaving the app to run every time.

Where is Honeygain available?

Honeygain is available in 30 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, and China.

Do Honeygain credits expire?

Yes, they do. Honeygain credits will expire six months after the day you stop sharing your internet with the app, so this is only a problem for inactive users.

How does Honeygain use your data?

Honeygain uses your data to run several client requests like SEO research and strategies, crowdsourcing, data collection, market research, and more.

Will Honeygain slow my internet?

No, it doesn’t. Working only in the background and taking a small part of your data does not affect internet speed.

But, it can make your internet slower when you have it downloaded on too many devices. You can let them run when you’re not home, then close the app on most devices when you want to use your internet.


If you don’t mind a platform that offers decent monthly payouts for doing nothing, then Honeygain may be for you.

This app is a legitimate platform that does not affect your data security, although if you’re not comfortable sharing your internet, you shouldn’t bother signing up.

But if you want to start earning regular passive income, you can install the app on your desired device and create an account.

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