How to Get Free Stocks: 13 Companies and Apps That Give Free Stocks in 2024

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Looking to get free stocks in 2024?

Interest in stocks never fails to be a hot topic. And perhaps now more than ever, a greater portion of the population is looking for ways to earn extra money.

Job loss, lower income, and growing uncertainty have pushed people to look for new ways to make money. If this sounds like your current mindset, you are probably wondering how someone with limited income can possibly invest in stocks.

As it turns out, there are actually apps and companies giving away free stocks in 2024! That’s right; we’ll show you how to get free stocks with 13 handy free stock hacks.

How to Get Free Stocks

We’ve rounded up the best ways to get free shares of stocks, so you can start investing without fear of affecting your finances. Here, you will learn how it works, what you need to do to get free stocks, and more.

Many of the following options include free bonuses when you make accounts with them. Others might require that you make a specific deposit to receive your free stocks.

It’s important to note that companies and apps that offer free stock investing make changes often. As such, it may bode well for you to take advantage of favorable free offers when they are available.

Companies Giving Away Free Stocks

1. Robinhood

Considering that Robinhood is the company that started commission-free trading, it’s interesting to see that it’s a growing trend among the competition.

Robinhood is unique because it lets you trade more than just ETFs and stocks. Rather, you can also trade cryptocurrencies and options. This is a big deal for beginners looking for greater flexibility in their trading abilities.

How It Works

First, you will need to register with Robinhood, which only takes a few minutes and asks for your basic information. They also do not require a minimum deposit to open an account with them.

After creating an account, your application is sent for review. If all goes well, you will get to work right away. To trade on Robinhood, you will need to transfer funds to your account. Once you do this, you are good to go.

How to Get Free Stocks on Robinhood

It’s really quite simple. To get more users onboard, Robinhood is giving away one free stock upon signup. As long as you open your account within 24 hours after signing up, you will receive your free stock, which can have a value of anywhere between $2 and $200 (chosen at random).

Get a free stock on Robinhood.

2. Webull

Webull is a very popular online broker offering free ETF and stock trading via desktop or mobile app. As with Robinhood, users may also trade crypto and options through Webull.

What’s more, Webull does not charge any fees for any transaction. This includes selling and buying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and trading options.

How It Works

You can open a personal account on Webull’s website or via a downloadable mobile app. Webull users must complete an application before buying and selling cryptocurrencies or trading options.

How to Get Free Stocks on Webull

Like Robinhood and others, Webull is currently giving away a free stock upon signup.

3. Acorns

Acorns is unique in that it invests your leftover change after you make purchases. It does this by adhering to an automatic roundup feature that you select.

So if you buy something for $9.50, Acorns will invest $0.50 for you.

How It Works

Because the automatic investments are so small, you barely notice it happening. The only consideration you want to keep in mind is that Acorns charges a subscription fee to use it.

How to Get Free Stocks on Acorns

A new Acorns membership gets you a $5 bonus that you can put toward your investments according to your preferences.

4. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is similar to a robo-advisor. However, M1 is free, whereas robo-advisors typically cost money.

This form of automated investing lets you pick from over 80 different investment portfolios, and you can even purchase fractional shares.

How It Works

After you create an account and add funds, M1 Finance will begin investing your money for you (based on your preferences and data).

How to Get Free Stocks on M1 Finance

You have to sign up through a referral link. But once you do, you can earn a monetary bonus to apply to your investments. The same is true when you refer a friend to M1 Finance.

5. Public.com

Think of public.com as the Facebook or Twitter of stock trading. This app lets you follow investors and share your own personal insights with others. You can chat, too, giving you greater connectivity with the stock world.

How It Works

Signing up for a public.com account is quick and easy. Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll need to add funds to your account. From there, you can browse other investor profiles, search for ETFs and stocks, and start selling and buying.

How to Get Free Stocks on public.com

There are a couple of ways to get free stocks through public.com. You’ll get a free stock from a company of your choosing upon signup, and you can get free stocks when you refer friends.

6. Stash

Stash takes investing a step further by helping you learn about the processes involved. It can also help you with banking and saving money. There are even beneficial interactive tools to assist you in building a portfolio.

How It Works

Creating an account with Stash lets you open up an IRA. From there, you can pick from various curated investments. There’s also an option for automatic investments.

How to Get Free Stocks on Stash

Simply sign up and receive $5. If you have a direct deposit linked to your account, you can earn another $20.

7. E*Trade

If you’re looking for commission-free trading, E*Trade is worth a look. This applies to options, stocks, and ETFs. And with loads of investment options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that interests you.

How It Works

E*Trade’s freebies are a bit different compared to other entries. You’ll need to make a sizable investment to take advantage of E*Trade’s bonuses. But if you’ve got the capital, you should definitely check it out.

How to Get Free Stocks on E*Trade

When you deposit $10k to $19,999, you get a $50 bonus. There are multiple tiers, the maximum being a $3,000 bonus for a $1.5 million deposit.

8. Ally Invest

Following in the footsteps of E*Trade is Ally Invest. Once again, you’ll need a sizable deposit to earn your bonus.

How It Works

Ally Invest offers commission-free trading of stocks, options, and ETFs. There is also a nice selection of research tools at your disposal when you sign up.

How to Get Free Stocks on Ally Invest

When you deposit $10k to $24,999, for example, you get a $100 bonus. There are multiple tiers here, with the maximum one being a $3,000 bonus for a $2 million deposit.

9. DiversyFund

This is a crowdfunded real estate platform. DiversyFund makes it easy to invest in real estate, as the app handles your investments for you. All you have to do is provide the funding.

How It Works

DiversyFund finds real estate listed below market value. As such, they are properties that you will need to put work into. Keep in mind that you will need at least $500 to get started.

How to Get Free Stocks on DiversyFund

DiversyFund is offering a free Amazon Gift Card upon signup, which is worth $50. Again, you must deposit at least $500 to get this bonus.

10. Firstrade

Firstrade is another commission-free online brokerage. This applies to stocks, options, mutual funds, and ETFs.

How It Works

Thanks to research tools available to you upon signup, Firstrade is ideal for advanced traders looking for more versatility.

How to Get Free Stocks on Firstrade

You get a free stock when you refer a friend.

11. UNest

UNest is a bit different, letting users put money towards a 529 plan.

How It Works

This is an investment option for anyone wanting to put money back and save for education. You download an app, and from there, you can contribute between $25 and $1,250 a month, which grows tax-free.

How to Get Free Stocks on UNest

When you start an account for your child and make a $25 deposit, UNest gives you a $10 bonus.

12. Groundfloor

Groundfloor is another crowdfunded real estate platform. You can even get started investing in real estate with just $10.

How It Works

You get a variety of house flip investment options. Groundfloor lets you see essential data, such as loan amount, interest rate, loan percentage, and more.

How to Get Free Stocks on Groundfloor

Rather than earn a free stock, Groundfloor gives you a free real estate investment upon signup. Invest at least $10 and get a $20 bonus.

13. Nvstr

Nvstr is another social investing platform that lets you see what others are saying about investments. There are no minimums required, and you can collaborate with other users for maximum effect.

How It Works

You can learn how to invest with Nvstr through investment simulations. There’s even help with building your portfolio using advanced research technology.

How to Get Free Stocks on Nvstr

After signing up, Nvstr gives you a free random bonus that can be as much as $1,000.

How To Get Free Stocks FAQs:

Can I get free stocks?

Absolutely! Multiple companies and apps offer free stocks when you create an account.

What is the best app for free stocks?

Apps like Robinhood let you trade for free and earn substantial bonuses. It is one of the best trading apps for free stocks.

Do you pay taxes on free stocks?

Only if there was a gain or loss when you sell your share, but when you receive free stocks as a gift, no reporting is required.

In Closing

With so many ways to earn free stocks, taking advantage of as many as possible makes sense.

And for your investment trading strategies, you can look at using fundamental and technical analysis tools.


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