21 Easy Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour in 2024 (No Experience Required)

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Although many jobs offer you the minimum wage, this is sometimes the case even when you have years of experience. But, you can get some good and easy jobs, online or offline, and earn $20 an hour with little or no experience needed.

Some jobs might require a certification or course to get higher-paying options, but they are usually easy to get and pay consistently. And, many of these jobs don’t need a degree, just the internet, a computer, or yourself in person.

In this guide, you’ll find 21 different jobs that pay $20 or more with minimal experience.

Best Jobs That Pay $20 per Hour

1. Proofreader

Proofreading is a reliable work-from-home job that pays $20 per hour or more. The job description involves reviewing already written content for errors and correcting them.

As long as you can speak and write fluently in a particular language, you can work as a freelance proofreader. A college degree won’t be necessary except if you are working in a company, not as a freelancer.

You will need your computer, internet connection, and a freelance website like Upwork or Fiverr to get proofreading jobs. Proofreaders earn an average hourly rate of $18.35, and it can increase with more experience you gain.

2. DoorDash and UberEats Delivery Driver

If you don’t mind driving around and delivering food, you can become a delivery driver with Uber Eats or DoorDash.

These companies hire people to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to a particular location. All you need is the vehicle that the company requires, a license, and a phone to get started.

Working as an independent delivery driver means working on a flexible schedule with no minimum requirements. Plus, the average base salary is $49,293 annually.

You can check out the rules at Uber Eats or DoorDash to get started, and if you don’t like the idea of taking food, you can become an Uber driver instead.

3. Web Developer

While this is among the jobs that pay $20 per hour or more, you need particular skills to be a web developer. You need to learn online coding, graphic design and know a lot about computers. Thus, companies can hire you to create their websites.

But you don’t have to worry because coding isn’t as complex as it seems. Also, the salary is worth it, offering an impressive $21.74 average hourly wage.

You can access web developer jobs online after you’ve become well-versed with coding. Some coding programs also provide job placements.

4. Online English Tutor

You can make good money online by becoming an English tutor. As one of the top jobs that pay $20 per hour, you can make this a lucrative profession, especially if you enjoy teaching.

You can teach students English as a Second Language, although you’ll need a bachelor’s degree for most tutoring sites.

Or, you can teach non-English speaking people, and they might not require a degree as long as you know what you’re doing. This can become a full-time job with enough dedication, especially since the average salary is $36,785 annually.

5. Freelance Writer

The job of a freelance writer is versatile and easily accessible and is a great part-time job that pays $20 per hour.

As a freelance writer, you can write everything for publications and ghostwrite books for clients. And you don’t need a degree in English or Creative Writing to give concise and well-researched writing.

While freelance writing usually starts slowly because of a lack of experience, you get higher-paying jobs once you’ve become well-versed in the trade.

You can post your services on freelance websites and look forward to earning the average annual salary of $40,000.  

6. Online Bookkeeper

If you’re good with money, especially if you have a degree in accounting or business-related courses, you can quickly become an online bookkeeper.

Small businesses usually have less strict requirements than large ones, but you should know how to use the needed computer software.

Online bookkeeping is one of the top jobs that pays $18 an hour, giving you an annual average salary of $44,412. Your job description involves recording income and expenses, preparing financial statements, and reconciling accounts for businesses.

You can get started by posting ads online or looking for companies hiring online.

7. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist listens to medical notes and types them to readable. Usually, doctors are known for their poor handwriting, making it difficult for caseworkers and insurance companies. So, health centers hire medical transcriptionists to avoid this.

You don’t need a degree to listen and type, although a background in the medical field or some studying is required because of some of the terms you will hear.

You can look out for health centers and hospitals hiring online and earn an annual average salary of $34,244, or $16.86 per hour.

8. Instacart Shopper

Instacart has the largest workforce of in-store shoppers in the US, so if you’re looking for jobs that earn $20 per hour, you can get started with the company.

You don’t need a degree, but you need to meet the company’s requirements and complete a background check.

With Instacart, you can be an in-store shopper, delivery driver, or both: a full-service shopper. Drivers earn the most and get to keep their tips, but they’re responsible for their expenses.

But you can make an average salary of $20 an hour as an Instacart driver and even more if you become a full-service shopper.

9. Event Photographer

This isn’t open to those who use their phones to take good pictures, as many people still pay up to $20 per hour for professional photographers to take photos at their events.

If you’re a good photographer, you can start selling your services, and you don’t need a degree.

You can get started by improving your skills with online and offline courses in photography. Then, you can post ads, check out freelance websites, and look out for job listings near you. Event photographers earn an average of $16.94 as per Payscale.

10. Graphic Designer

If you’re a professional graphic designer or have some talent, you can brush up your skills and earn at least $20 an hour online.

Graphic designers are hired by websites, blogs, companies, and organizations to make designs for them. At the same time, graphic designers can sell templates online, stickers, design fonts, pre-made logo packages, branding packages, printables, and more.

You can become a freelance graphic designer by offering your services on Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelance job markets.

Graphic designers earn an average of $47,032 and make a good part- or full-time job.

11. Test Prep Instructor

Test prep instructors are usually required in exams and test periods, mainly when students write their SATs. The main job description is to prepare the students for their exams, whether online or in-person, and you can earn up to $20 hourly.

You need to be an undergraduate or graduate at college to be trusted as a test prep instructor. Then, you can refresh your memory on SATs and high school topics before looking for job openings and applying for them.

As a test prep instructor, you can make a good amount of $50,724 annually, according to Glassdoor, and this is the average value.

12. Website Tester

Website testing is an effortless job that pays up to $20 per hour, and anyone can do it. You don’t need a degree, although the clients might be looking for people in particular demographics.

The job description involves checking out a website’s design, functionality, and experience and giving constructive criticism to the client before it’s launched.

Different websites connect testers to clients like OpinionBar and UserTesting, or you can look for ads online.

Website testing is an excellent part-time job, but if you have a degree in computer science or similar fields and work full-time at a company, the average base salary is a whopping $74,000 yearly. 

13. Social Media Manager

For those who know the ins and outs of the internet, social media management is one of the best jobs to earn $20 per hour.

Although it does not require a degree, it will need enough work experience and knowledge about social media marketing. You also need knowledge of marketing analytics and content creation.

Once you’re sure, you can start building your client portfolio, either by yourself or by working with a firm. You can also look out for job listings and do your best at the interviews.

Social media managers earn good money hourly, while the average base salary is $52,724 annually. 

14. Blogger

If you already have a blog or you’ve always wanted to have one, you can make money and enjoy sharing your thoughts with others.

Blogs with a decent following can earn passive income by adding adverts on their sites, writing sponsored content and advertorials, using affiliate marketing, writing guest blog posts, selling digital products, and more.

You need a blog, of course, and good traffic online before you can make good money online. You can also take online courses on monetizing your blog before getting started.

Bloggers can earn up to $20 per hour or more depending on the traffic they generate through their site, sponsorships, affiliate marketing strategies, and more.

15. Dog Walker

Those who don’t mind hanging out with animals will find dog walking the best job that pays $20 an hour.

Dog owners usually need to walk their dogs regularly, but those who don’t have time can hire you to do that for them. Plus, you don’t need a degree: be good and responsible with the dogs.

You can start with Rover to meet dog owners around you that need your services and grow your client base through word of mouth. And dog walkers earn an average of $35,000 annually, according to PayScale.

16. Translator

Whether freelance or employed, online or offline, being a translator is a pretty good job that pays $30 without a degree or more, if you speak more than one language fluently, you can get translating gigs online at general marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr or specific platforms like Blend Express and Gengo.

Or, you can look out for job listings near you to get translating gigs. You can even become a translator and an interpreter, as they have similar job descriptions.

The average annual salary is $50,272 and $46,381, respectively.

17. Real Estate Agent

While it’s not easy to sell and buy houses, the learning curve is not steep either. After completing the pre-license education and passing the exam required by your state, you can get your real estate license.

After getting the license, you can start advertising your services to earn an average of $48,465 annually. You can also take courses and join the National Association of Realtors to get more information on getting started.

Keep in mind that you can earn way more once you’ve gained enough experience, a good reputation, and you have enough houses to sell. Real estate work is one of the top jobs that pay $30 without a degree.

18. Customer Service Rep

With your high school diploma, you’re already qualified to apply for a customer service representative job.

Most companies also put you through on-the-job training that lasts about two weeks or more, depending on the company’s industry. You can also become a work-from-home customer service rep if you have internet access and a good computer.

Customer service reps earn an average of $40,072 annually. You can look out for businesses that hire remote CRS workers, like CVS Health, Lincoln Financial Group, Sutherland, etc. or check out general freelance websites like Upwork.

If you don’t want to work remotely, you need to look for listings near you.

19. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves selling products through a medium online and getting a commission for each one you sell.

You can ask your readers or followers to use a particular purchase code, which helps you earn money. Start by selecting your niche and checking the competition around it.

Then, look out for affiliate programs and choose the best one for you. You also need to select the method you will work with, whether it’s your social media account, blog, website, paid ads, and more.

How much you earn depends on your sales and experience, but the average salary is $52,130 annually.

20. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is easy to do and can be done from home.

It has the same job description as an in-person assistant, like managing schedules, writing and answering emails, making and answering calls, making travel arrangements, and more. The convenience makes it a good job that pays $20 an hour.

Most employers lookout for virtual assistants who don’t require training and direction, but a degree is unnecessary.

To quickly get a job, you should do some research and take some courses on becoming a virtual assistant. It’s worth it since you can earn an average of $43,229 per year and even turn this into a full-time job.

21. Online Survey Taker

While online surveys require a lot of involvement, they offer you different jobs that pay $18 an hour or more.

Online survey websites like Toluna, Daily Rewards, and the like pay you whenever you complete tasks like fill surveys, testing products, participating in polls, and more.

You can also earn money from watching videos, playing games, and more. Once you meet the minimum withdrawal, you can take out whatever you’ve made in cash or as gift cards.

You need to choose an online survey website, create an account, fill out the questionnaires, and start completing surveys.

Easy Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour FAQ

What Jobs make $20 An Hour?

The top 21 jobs on our list can make you up to $20 per hour or even more if you’re lucky. Although some jobs like freelance writing and graphic designing can pay less, you can increase your earnings as you gain experience and attract better clients. Also, jobs like online survey-taking don’t offer reliable income streams.

How much is $20 An Hour Annually?

If you work 40 hours per week, you earn $800 weekly. When this is multiplied by the 52 weeks in a year, you earn $41,600 annually. Thus, making exactly $20 an hour will give you $41,600 yearly. You can earn even more depending on various factors, as the jobs on our list offer as high as $70,000 annually.

Is $20 An Hour a Good Wage?

Generally, $20 an hour is a good wage, but it all depends on how much you’re regularly spending on bills and daily living. If your cost of living is less than $900 monthly, you can use this salary to pay the bills, save some aside, and live comfortably.

If you’re a student or just looking for a part-time job, $20 an hour is an excellent salary. Starting early in these online and offline easy jobs means that you can gain enough experience if you decide to turn it into a full-time job.


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