Sweatcoin Rewards, Referral Code, and Review 2024

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Sweatcoin is a fitness and activity tracker app that pays you to walk and exercise.

The digital currency you earn (Sweatcoins) can be exchanged for free fitness programs, iPhones, merchandise, discounts, charitable donations, subscriptions, and cash through PayPal.

While there are many claims out there about Sweatcoin hacks and promo codes, they are mostly false.

To earn Sweatcoin rewards, all you need to do is download the app, walk, exercise, and earn Sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin Review

Sweatcoin is a fitness app you can download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

It works in the background to count your steps and pays you 0.95 Sweatcoins per 1,000 steps.

There are two Sweatcoin subscription plans:

  • Free plan: This plan is 100% free, and you can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins a day.
  • Premium plan: This plan costs $29.99 CAD per year and offers double the Sweatcoin per 1,000 steps. You can earn up to 100 sweatcoins per day.

Premium users also get access to premium app icons, and their charitable donations are matched.

Join Sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin Promotions and Referral Program

In addition to earning Sweatcoin for being active, you can become a Sweatcoin Influencer to get free money.

This is how it works:

  1. Download Sweatcoin and copy your referral link from the “Find and invite friends” section in the settings.
  2. Share your Sweatcoin referral link with friends via social media, email, or text.
  3. When they join, you receive 5 Sweatcoins for each person.
  4. After inviting 30 people, you become a Sweatcoin influencer.

Influencers can refer people from their country of residence and cash out their Sweatcoins for cash rewards through PayPal up to $1,000.

You can also swap your Sweatcoin for travel packages, merchandise, and other rewards.

Sweatcoin Rewards

What options do you have for redeeming Sweatcoins?

As of this writing, the Sweatcoin shop included offers relating to:

  • Natural sleep supplements
  • Posture connector
  • Apple watch band
  • Stainless steel water bottle
  • Hairbrush set
  • Skincare products
  • Gym memberships
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Multiple discounts and charitable donations

Is Sweatcoin Safe and Legit?

Yes, Sweatcoin is 100% legit, and it is one of the most popular fitness apps in the world.

I have used the app for a couple of years, and it has encouraged me to take longer walks overall.

In the UK, Sweatcoin works with the NHS and other healthcare networks to help people exercise and lose weight.

It also works with over 100 charities.


Sweatcoin Rewards FAQs

How much are 5,000 steps on Sweatcoin?

Since 1,000 steps are worth approximately 1 Sweatcoins, 5,000 steps are equivalent to about 5 sweatcoins.

Is Sweatcoin worth it?

Yes, Sweatcoin is worth it. It helps you become more active and healthier, and you also earn rewards.

How can I turn my Sweatcoins into cash?

You may be able to redeem your Sweatcoins for gift cards if they are available in the Sweatcoin shop. As a Sweatcoin Influencer, you can redeem your coins as cash through PayPal.

How do I get free Sweatcoins?

Simply download the app and let it count your steps throughout the day. You can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins per day with a free Sweatcoin account.

Are Sweatcoin hacks legit?

No, Sweatcoin hacks and generators are not legit. They are not compliant with the company’s terms and conditions, and your account can be terminated without warning.



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